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Survin has vide experience in conducting the field investigation for various products and clients including bank, finance companies and mobile operator etc. Since 1988 Survin has verified credentials of more than 30,00,000 prospective client’s customers. The rich experience includes verification for different category of prospective borrowers like,

• Automobile Loans • Consumer Durable Products
• Credit Cards • Consumer Durable Products
• Bank’s Current Accounts • Business Loan Customers
• Personal Loan Customers • Mortgage Loan Customers

The various kind of verifications conducted include residence, business, guarantor, references, sighting verifications etc.

Survin in past has been managing approx. 20000 verifications every month.

Survin’s believe in service with quality in terms of performance, therefore, it has hired experienced graduates, retd. bank officers, MBAs as per requirement of the product and loan amount.


Survin has rich experience in investigating and verifying the customer credentials and various kinds of documents submitted by its clients’ customers. The various checks conducted in fraud investigation involve:

• Locality Checks / Reputation Check • Salary proof check with employer
• Criminal Records Check • Passport check
• Bank Statement check with concerned bank branch • Telephone/Electricity bill check
• Income Documents check with Govt. Authorities. • Stability Check

Presently it is verifying more than 1000 documents every month. For conducting this job it has hired trained graduates and retd. police personnel.


Survin has employed team of 30 members, which has experience in verifying the various kinds of documents submitted by the customers by visiting them at their correspondence addresses. The documents are verified against the originals maintained by the customers.

The KYC documents pick up and verification process in compliance with RBI/regulatory requirements is completed by the team in very turnaround effective manner.

Survin has dedicated experienced team comprising sr. verifiers, retd. police officials managed by an AVP level official. The team conducts a detailed verification of the prospective employees on its residential address, with references, previous employers and local police.

The team also does a verification of the testimonials and proofs submitted with various depts. like income tax, schools, university, election office, passport office etc. as per the requirement. 

PERSONAL DISCUSSIONS (Credit worthiness Underwriting)

Survin’s team has varied experience in underwriting the high net worth bank / financial institutions customers and known for its commitment to quality. Survin is doing this specialized credit underwriting activity for various reputed banks for last six years. The underwriting includes review and assessment of the documents, meeting the customers at their business place and assessing the repayment capacity on behalf of client. This activity is carried out by professional team of Chartered Accountant, MBAs, Bank VRS officers. The varied range of customers assessed include:

  • Self Employed Businessmen. (SMEs).
  • Salaried Customers.
  • Self Employed Professionals.( Doctors, Chartered Accountants, Engineers, Architects ).
  • Corporate Customers.

Survin has specialized teams for credit worthiness assessment both for high ticket customers and small loan borrowers and has capacity to build stand alone team for the client as per requirement.

The delinquency level in the accounts assessed by Survin’s team has always been below the benchmark.

Financial data analysis

Survin team has vast experience in analysis of financial statements i.e. balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, bank statements and study the ratios & variances for the purposes of assessing financial credit worthiness of the customers based upon the documents submitted.

This is an important tool for credit underwriting analysed both with PD underwriting and as a separate service.

Business Review

This has wider scope of services in it. Business review includes financial data analysis, personal discussion with customer, both field and documents verification and a quick audit/review of the books and accounts of the customer. This activity is carried out by professional team of Chartered Accountant and MBAs. Generally business review services are carried out for facilities like overdraft, limit, term loans and big ticket personal loan customers.

The varied range of customers assessed include,

  • Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Large business house.
  • High ticket individuals
Strategic Recovery & Collection

Survin has been in strategic recoveries of every kind of portfolios including recent write off to vintage and deep vintage. Survin believes in case specific strategy in recovery. It has expertise in

• Skip Tracing • Police Complaints • Execution of Decrees • Execution of NBWs/POs

The recovery portfolios handled by Survin include Auto, Personal Loans, Cards, Consumer durables and two wheelers

Centralised Records Unit

Employed more than 100 employees for assisting in managing the centralized records unit of Citifinacial Consumer Finance India Ltd. The team employed have been processing till very recently every month:

  • More than 1000000 files
  • More than 750000 cheques
  • 30000 documents retrievals
  • 1000000 PDCs/ ECS processing
Backend Service

Survin has teams consisting of more than 35 employees who are managing back end processing including, sourcing, pre-scrutiny of files and collection of documents from customers.

These are the client specific dedicated teams which do not have any interaction with regular processing and other teams keeping the customer data integrity in mind.

Auto Loan
Have been managing the loan proposal processing activities involving pre login checks, processing the documents as per policy, data entry, scanning and other post disbursal monitoring activities on behalf of Citibank N.A., New Delhi, pertaining to the bank's Citimobile Finance Scheme since its launch in 1987 and also for Citibank Maruti Finance Ltd. New Delhi
Personal Loan
Managing end to end entire loan proposal processing activities for personal loans involving, pre-login review, processing, disbursal, data entry, scanning, documents verifications and collections, field verifications, personal discussions, rejects uploads and other post disbursal monitoring activities on behalf of Citibank N.A.,
CPA Audit

Have been doing review of the collection and PDCs presentment processes in North India on behalf of Citibank N.A.

The monthly review at vendors of Citibank N.A. covered 30 vendors in five states at 20 locations in Northern India.

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